In-depth Consulting, Mentorships, and Internships

Change Consulting

An ongoing relationship with The Sabot Institute to master the changes a school intentionally decides to undertake

Phase 1: Working with Administrators
Phase 2: Classroom Design and Organization
Phase 3: Documentation and Reflection
Phase 4: Relationship at the Heart of Teaching and Learning
Phase 5: Launching the Classroom
Phase 6:  Ongoing Support for Administrative Systems and the Classroom Teachers


Consulting Days

A day of tailored tours and workshops for four to eight participants from your school

On-Site at Sabot

  • Planned with participants
  • Classroom tours
  • Debriefing with consulting faculty
  • A choice of presentations, studio experiences, or consultations on specific topics

On-Site at Participant School

  • Planned with participants  
  • Can include: authentic assessment and debriefing, presentations, a studio experience  


Shadowing Days

An in-depth observation with specific intent, for example, observation and engagement with an atelierista


Distinctive Presentations and Studios

Workshops for beginners or those taking further steps

Start Up

  • The Fundamentals of the Reggio Approach
  • The Teacher-Researcher:  A Framework for Start Up
  • Guiding Behavior in a Progressive Classroom:  The Language and Actions of Respect
  • Documentation and Reflection
  • Studio Thinking and the Hundred Languages
  • The Sense of Things: Connecting media and materials with learning in early childhood
  • Scaffolding Art Experiences in Preschool and Kindergarten
  • Communication with Parents

Next Steps

  • Water: Movement, Clarity and Color Combine
  • Media, Materials and Provocations
  • Media, Materials and the Reflective Practice of Teaching
  • Collaboration vs Cooperation
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Pedagogical Support for Teacher Researchers
  • Superheroes and Legends: Channeling Conflict into a Creative Force in the Classroom
  • Nature as the Third Teacher
  • Studio Thinking:  Relationship between the Atelierista and Teacher Researchers
  • Learning to See:  Observational Drawing
  • The Rhythm of We:  Project Work with Three Year Olds
  • Paper: One of a Hundred Languages for Three Year Olds

Studio Experiences (includes materials)

Paper, clay, wire, loose parts collage, light and reflection



Unpaid internships are a possibility for Master’s Degree students with experience and a willingness to commit to our program for a year.

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