A Refreshing Approach in the Classroom

Dewey’s words fuel our thinking about our educational approach. It is our objective to develop the educational environment necessary to support the promise and potential of all learners: an environment that will engage the “turned-on” learner and that will, at the same time, ignite the passions of students who can become “turned on” to learning. Like Dewey, we regard school as life, contiguous with home and community, not as an isolated niche sheltering children until their lives begin. At Sabot at Stony Point, the learner is a member of a democratic community that provides support and collaboration so that that no child, teacher, or parent learns in isolation. In our approach, everyone teaches and everyone learns.

The Sabot Institute for Teaching and Learning for offers several ways for educators to deepen their craft. We host semi-annual Open Doors: Visiting Educators Days (fall and spring), and we host a biennial symposium (Spring 2019 is the next one). In addition, we offer consulting services, mentoring, and internships that can be tailored to individual needs.

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Director of Early Childhood and The Sabot Institute for Teaching & Learning