Our Commitments and Aspirations

As a school, we are committed to creating a setting where children and teachers have the resources and support to research, represent, and reflect in relationship. It is our goal to respect the intention of each individual in the community while encouraging certain dispositions and habits of mind.

  • The willingness and ability to find interesting and challenging problems by acting on one’s own curiosity, engaging in inquiry, and thinking creatively using invention and imagination
  • The ability to express ideas and problems effectively by representing them through available media (print, clay, painting, music, etc.) and symbol systems (mathematics, verbal language, scientific modes of analysis, etc.).
  • Confidence in one’s own ability to express ideas through diverse media and symbol systems
  • The ability to find solutions through inquiry, invention, and imagination.

We seek to foster intrinsically motivated learning; awareness of learning strengths; the courage to share limits; and a belief in the value of contributing to the learning of the group.

Sabot at Stony Point also strives to provide a welcoming and respectful environment for the students and families in our community, who represent a range of racial, ethnic, religious, occupational, and socio-economic backgrounds. Students of color make up 16% of our student body, and approximately 26% of students receive need-based financial aid.

Quote "I no longer have to beg my son to wake up for school. He is excited to learn every day in this environment that encourages his independent thinking and makes learning interesting and fun."

Parent of a first grade student.